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GMR™ 24 xHD Radome

GMR™ 24 xHD Radome

Part Number 010-00960-00


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xHD performance in a dome
High resolution (1440 display spokes vs. 720 on HD domes, draws detail down to ¼ of a degree vs. ½) to provide improved target separation and finer shoreline detail. 8-bit true color helps differentiate large targets from small ones and aids target separation.
xHD performance in a dome
Dual Range Operation
Simultaneously view both short and long ranges. You can keep a close eye on your immediate surroundings while also knowing what’s happening farther out. It’s like having 2 radars for the price of one.
Dual Range Operation
Radar Overlay
Overlays radar returns over the top of your navigation charts to provide the best of both GPS and radar. You’ll have greater confidence in the accuracy of your charts when the radar paints the same markers and shorelines. It also helps you discern which radar returns are known charted objects and which are boats or other collision threats.
Radar Overlay
Dynamic Auto Gain and Sea Filter
Automatically adjusts to your surroundings for optimal performance in all conditions. Dynamic Auto Gain maximizes your ability to see distant targets while limiting excess clutter on the screen. Dynamic Sea Filter reduces the returns caused by nearby waves in heavy seas. You can choose from multiple levels of aggressiveness or use manual gain adjustment.
Dynamic Auto Gain and Sea Filter
Mini-Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (MARPA)
Identify and track targets that might pose a collision threat. Targets are manually selected, but then the radar automatically tracks their location, speed, and direction over time. MARPA tells you the closest point of approach and time to that point if you continue on your current route so you can make adjustments for safety. It also alerts you when targets become dangerous or violate a safe proximity of your boat.
Mini-Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (MARPA)


Dimension25.4" diameter, 9.8" high (64.5 cm diameter, 24.9 cm high)
Weight21 lb (9.5 kg)
Antenna Length23" (58.42 cm)
Rotation speed (RPM)24 and 48 rpm
Beam Width3.7° horizontal, 25° vertical
Max Range48 nm
Minimum range20 meters
Radar TypeRadome

Electrical Features

Power Input11-35 V DC
Transition Power4 kW

Radar Features

Dual Range Support 
Radar Overlay Support 
Dual Radar 
Dynamic Auto Gain 
MARPA Target Trackyes (requires heading sensor, sold separately)
  • GMR 24 xHD
  • Mounting hardware kit
  • Power cable (15 m/49.21 ft)
  • Network cable (15 m/49.21 ft)
  • Installation instructions
  • Mounting template
  • Grommet for marine cable

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