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GMR™ 1226 xHD2 Open Array Radar and Pedestal

GMR™ 1226 xHD2 Open Array Radar and Pedestal

Part Number K10-00012-12


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Bird Mode
Bird Mode has the sensitivity to determine targets of birds feeding in the distance.
Bird Mode
Echo Trails
Echo Trails leaves a historical “trail” on the screen to help quickly and easily identify moving targets and collision threats.
Echo Trails
Dual Range
Single radar antenna is capable of providing split screen images on your chartplotter for both close and long range.
Dual Range
Dual Radar Support
Provides redundancy and the ability for each display unit on the boat to select data from one of two different radar sources.
Dual Radar Support
Dynamic Auto Gain
Dynamic Auto Gain automatically adjusts gain levels to optimum settings for harbors, near shore, and offshore in open waters.
Dynamic Auto Gain
Dynamic Sea Filter
Dynamic Sea Filter automatically adjusts gain to calm, medium and rough sea conditions.
Dynamic Sea Filter
Radar Overlay
Overlays the radar image on the chartplotter’s map page.
Radar Overlay
MARPA Target Tracking
Mini-automatic radar plotting aid (MARPA) tracks up to 30 selected targets, helping you keep track of other vessels and avoid collisions.
MARPA Target Tracking



6' array: 76.25" x 5" x 6.75" (193.6 x 12.7 x 17.1 cm)

Pedestal: 20.5" x 12.75" x 12.5" (52 x 32.4 x 31.8 cm)


array: 16.9 lb (7.7 kg)

pedestal: 47.1 lb (21.4 kg)

Max Wind Load80kt
Antenna Length72" (182.88 cm)
Rotation speed (RPM)24 and 48 rpm
Beam Width1.1° horizontal, 23° vertical
Max Range72 nm
Minimum range20 meters
Radar TypeOpen-Array

Electrical Features

Power Input10-32 V DC
Transition Power12 kW

Radar Features

Dual Range Support 
Radar Overlay Support 
Dual Radar 
Dynamic Auto GainDynamic
MARPA Target Trackyes (requires heading sensor, sold separately)
Echo Trail 
Programmable Antenna Parking 
Target SizePulse Expansion
  • GMR 1226 xHD2
  • Mounting hardware kit and template
  • Power cable (15 meters)
  • Network cable (15 meters)
  • Cable grommet
  • Voltage converter
  • Documentation

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