Garmin Chroma Display

Garmin Chroma Display is built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Focused on aiding performance rather than distracting brightness and superfluous colour, this display is easy to read under the harshest sunlight and has ultra-high battery endurance, allowing it to reliably function in the most challenging conditions.

Clarity from any angle. The Ability to Endure Any Conditions.

The brighter the light, the clearer the display

Under harsh sunlight glare can make a display unreadable. And after a swim or a shower its not uncommon for a fogged-up display to become hard to read. Regular LCD displays are only really suited for use in indoor conditions where there are even light sources, so when dealing with the shifting ambient light in the outdoors many displays can struggle: either they are not bright enough and the colors indistinct, or they increase the brightness to compensate, chewing through the device's battery life.

True clarity under even the harshest sun

The only way for most LCD displays to compensate for glare from strong external light sources is to increase the strength of their backlights, but this has the side-effect of quickly draining the device's battery. The Garmin Chroma Display uses reflected ambient light and natural sunlight as its primary light sources, which means that as these become brighter, the display becomes even clearer without any impact on battery life. The display's backlighting is required only in low-light or dark conditions, making the display lightweight and efficient and allowing it to function under well both under harsh sunlight and in darker corners. In identical conditions, other brands' products usually have to be recharged after a couple of days at the best. The endurance of Garmin products dwarfs these competitors, regularly running for over a month on a single charge. This level of endurance offers crystal clear data display that allows our users to focus on running their next marathon or exploring over the next ridge instead of worrying whether their device will give up halfway.

With zero energy consumption while at rest, there's no need for frequent charging

Garmin achieves high-efficiency and long-lived performance by using high-end MIP (Memory in Pixel) screen technology in our Garmin Chroma Display to attain battery endurance over seven times that of regular displays. All LCD displays are composed of tiny pixels that are densely packed across the display surface. But each pixel on MIP panels also has its own independent memory circuit which records its current status. When the display updates, only those pixels that need to change color draw down power from the device, the other pixels use no extra power. This means that when the display is static, it uses zero power.

High-End MIP Screen Technology

General Display Panel

High-End MIP Screen Technology

General Display Panel

Specialized Optical AdhesiveTechnology Reduces Excess Reflectivity

Garmin's optical bonding technology was developed for aviation purposes before being applied to a range of other products. It ensures an easily legible display in all kinds of challenging environmental conditions. Display clarity can often be affected by light refraction caused by the small pocket of air retained between the display and the glass cover during liquid crystal display manufacture. Garmin's displays overcome the problem of light refraction by infusing the space between the display and cover with a high-level optical adhesive with a constant refractive index across the widest range of temperatures and terrain. This adhesive also prevents moisture from penetrating the display in wet environments, preventing fogging and making a big difference to display clarity.