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Underwater Communication Network

SubWave Technology

Developed by Garmin, SubWave sonar-based communication creates revolutionary air integration and underwater data sharing capabilities that are more reliable - even at a range of up to 10 meters from your dive computer.

SubWave equipped Descent™ dive computers can track your gas consumption when paired with the Descent™ T1 transmitter (sold separately) via the SubWave network. The T1 transmitter monitors tank pressure for up to five tanks and uses SubWave sonar technology to send tank pressure information to the Descent dive computer.

SubWave™ Technology

Traditional Transmitter v.s. SubWave Sonar Transmitter

A traditional transmitter communicates wirelessly via radio frequency(RF) - a technology that is commonly used on land. As radio frequency(RF) weaken significantly when broadcasting through water, it can only transmit for a limited distance underwater.

SubWave sonar utilizes our exlusive sound wave technology. Since sound waves remain stable underwater, the distance of transmission can reach at a range of 10 meters - a breakthrough compared to a traditional transmitter, which operates at a range of 1 to 2 meters. This gives divers the underwater assurance that dive mates can monitor each other's tank status even when you're more than 1 meter apart.

Traditional Sonar v.s. SubWave Sonar Technology

Traditional sonar is uni-directional. After transmitting sound waves, it will measure the reflection time for the echo to return and the reflected energy to determine the depth and location of an object. It only operates at a limited range and within a confined region.

SubWave sonar conquers the limits of traditional sonar. Our world-exclusive spherical transmission, which is applied to our dive computer, permits a three-dimensional and 360-degree scan of devices. It capitalizes on sound wave's unique characteristic with high transmission efficiency underwater, and thus increases the distance and stability of transmission.

SubWave™ Technology