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  1. Six Dive Modes

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Get the Complete Data
on a Single Screen

An advanced 1.2 inch color display clearly indicates depth, dive time, no-decompression limit (NDL), nitrogen content (N2), partial pressure of oxygen (PO2), CNS oxgyen toxicity (CNS%), heart rate, decompression / safety stop time, surface interval and so on. You can also customize the fields shown to match your own preferences.

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Six Dive Modes
Take to the Water

Six dive modes satisfy all your needs for recreational, technical and free diving .
( Free Dive / Free Dive Hunt / Single-Gas / Multi-Gas / Gauge / CCR )

Underwater Heart Rate

Underwater heart rate monitoring allows you to track your physical condition while under the water and improve your performance. When free diving, an overly high heart rate will affect apnea capacity. You can refer to your heart rate data to manage your heart rate more effectively.

* Underwater heart rate sensing requires that the watch be in contact with skin.

* Note: This product is not a medical device and shuld not be used to diagnose or monitor any medical condition. Please

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Tide Information

After you have fixed your position with GPS, local tide data will be displayed, and you can search for tide data for the next few days as well.

* Note: Tide information is based on GPS position data. It is Provided by World Weather Online.

Multiple Precision Sensors

Surface Dive Positioning

Support for satellite positioning on the GPS, GLONASS and Galileo networks gives you a precise fix on your entry and exit points for each dive.

Underwater Electronic Compass

After setting the target position, you can activate a tri-axis electronic compass to indicate the current direction of travel, allowing the diver to easily stay oriented.

(The green indicator line shows the target direction; the red indicator line is the opposite direction of the set target)

Double Tap Underwater to Switch Screens

When the scuba diving mode is activated, switching between screens is as easy as a simple double tap.


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Let's You Record Every Underwater Adventure

You can automatically synchronize data for each dive including entry and exit points, maximum depth, bottom time, surface interval, underwater heart rate, residual nitrogen, and so on. You can also edit dive details manually.

Find and Share Global Diving Hot Spots

Info about popular dive spots around the world is always close to hand, and you can upload photos to share your underwater adventures.

* Dive App information is synchronised to Garmin Connect

Track Your Gear

Add the different types of gear you use on each dive to your dive log. You can track a wide range of gear such as boots, gloves, wetsuit or dry suit.

Outstanding On Land or At Sea

Features over 30 advanced activity modes

Including surfing, SUP, rowing, skiing, golf, indoor/cross-country running, mountain climbing and more. The Descent Mk2S is also preloaded with 43,000 golf course maps and over 2,200 ski maps.

Ready to Hit the Waves

Surf mode allows you to record surf time, wave count, distance traveled, longest / average distance, highest / average speed, highest / average heart rate.

Animated Workouts
Makes Keeping Fit at Home Easy

In strength training, yoga and pilates modes, you can choose a class and follow along with a virtual coach.

Daily Workout Suggestions

You can receive daily running and riding tips based on your current training load and status, as well as training guidelines tailored to your individual condition and physical fitness.

Comprehensive Fitness Monitoring

Reliable Pulse Ox pulse oximetry sensing technology measures your blood's oxygen saturation concentration (SpO2) in real time. This gives you insight into your body's ability to absorb oxygen, helping you to better grasp and take control of your health and improve your physical fitness.

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Living Smart is Easy

Storage space for up to 2,000 songs, and connectivity with music platforms including Spotify,Deezer and JOOX..

  1. Musical accompaniment

  2. Receive messages any time


QuickFit straps can be easily switched without tools and come in a range of authentic leather and silicone styles that let you to make a statement, style-wise.

Connect IQ

Visit the Connect IQ store to download free screen wallpapers, data fields, widgets and apps to create a unique and customized watch display. You can also use the Face It function to upload your favorite photos to create unique screen backgrounds!

Descent Mk2S Spec

  1. Light Gold

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  2. Mineral Blue

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  3. Carbon Gray

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