BC™ 30

Garmin GTP400KIT (TPMS Accessory Kit)

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS) is an electronic system that monitors your vehicle’s tire air pressure and automatically alerts the driver when it falls dangerously low. The warning system has been legislated installing in all US vehicles after 2007 and a similar move is taking place gradually worldwide.

GBC 30

GBC 30, Exclusive Garmin External HD camera suitable for use in combination with a GDR 30 (Bundle with Nuvi 35xx) or GDR 35, enables the installation of an external camera on the rear windshield, eliminating doubts when maneuvering the vehicle, providing an easy and safe driving experience.

GTM™ 35

Power your nüvi® and get traffic updates all with one cable. The GTM 35 provides traffic information to your compatible Garmin device. Using this data, your device alerts you to local traffic tie-ups and displays current traffic levels. The receiver also acts as an in-vehicle power charger.